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Food Tour Naples, Italy

Reasons why attending a Food Tour in Naples, Italy

You have just booked a trip in Naples and you’re now thinking what to do while in the city? Are you sick off those long lines in the museums usually with a guide which stays many meters away from you and that you hardly listen to? How about discovering the city through a new perspective, food for example? Here’s a list of 5 reasons why attending a food tour in Naples!

1)…Not only pizza!   

Of course, Naples is the city of pizza, but it has also many traditional foods that you must try; they vary according to the season and the holiday! Luckily in the city there aren’t many fast foods, but you can find a lot of restaurants, coffee bar or pubs which are cheap and of high-quality! There are hundreds and hundreds and it’s not easy to choose the best ones: that’s why we suggest our food tours (like our traditional one!) at the beginning of your holiday so that you can coming back to the restaurants you preferred or trying new ones that our local guide has suggested you.

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2) Eat like a local

Fortunately, Neapolitan tourism is quite new: thanks to this the city has maintained its original aspect both with food tradition and with many other aspects. If you have googled the most famous places to go for having a pizza or a real Neapolitan coffee, you won’t take the risk to meet only tourists: the most famous places are frequented also by many locals!

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3) The city of the Street Food

Do you have few days and don’t want to stay closed into a restaurant? The sun (which is very warm and tempting in Naples) makes you feel like staying outside as much as you can? You’re in the right city because Naples is famous for its street food and with our dedicated tour you will eat delicious street food as well as walking throughout the most beautiful corners of the city.


4) Discover the city through its food

Every Neapolitan food is the result of a history which dates back to many different epochs. All the food you will eat has the taste of the influences the city has had during the centuries and every bite will reveal you this better than any other museum. That’s why many food still have names taken from the French, the Spanish, the Polish languages…All these foreign dominations has left its own mark on the city not only through the architecture, the art, the culture, but also through the food.

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5) The quality of the Mediterranean ingredients

Naples overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, so it has a high quality and fresh variety of products. For example, the tomato, (typical ingredient of the Campania region) is also known as “the red gold of the Campania region) and its most famous type is the so called San Marzano. Furthermore, we have the olive oil, fishes, cheeses (mozzarella and caciocavallo type, among many) and many other products. Thanks to these the Mediterranean Diet has been inserted into the World Heritage Site as “Immaterial World Cultural Heritage”.