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5 good reasons to join in a food tour in Rome

The Italian capital is known for being one of the most fascinating places in the world. History, culture, arts and archaeology meet and mix in this city capable of making you dream away. Each and every corner has its own treasure to discover. Every street hides some poetry.

Even weeks and weeks of holiday would not be enough to see everything in Rome, but even if your time is limited, you will see plenty of miracles: the eternal city never disappoints its visitors.

One of the best ways to enjoy your stay in Rome is to join in a walking Food Tour through the capital: in this way you can discover the city through its tradition.

In this article we will give you 5 good reasons to participate in a food tour in Rome, the Italian capital.


1. Discover the gastronomic tradition of Rome

The Roman Cuisine tells us years of history and tradition. This unique city reveals itself through its gastronomy and therefore if you are planning to visit Rome you can’t be satisfied with just having lunch in one of the many fast food restaurants that the capital offers. A decent and traditional lunch or dinner in a local restaurant is a moral duty!

The typical food tradition of Rome is characterised by simple dishes based on popular ingredients, but this does not mean that these are poor or not very tasty dishes. The opposite is the case: the most typical dishes of Rome are a real triumph of flavours.

From the pasta alla Carbonara, to porchetta and supplì, there are tons of dishes to try in the city. For this reason, participating in a food tour in Rome is a great choice: you will have the opportunity to taste at least 4 dishes in different restaurants along the way without having to exclude any of the best places!

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2. Try the Roman Pizza

Roman or Neapolitan Pizza? Do you know the difference?

While the first one is thin and crispy, the latter is high and soft. This ongoing discussion is a matter of taste but if you visit Rome, you surely need to try its pizza.

The toppings are various and varied, but the most famous one in Rome is the one with tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, basil, pecorino and pepper.

We are sure that after the first bite, you will want another slice!

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3. You will dive into the most typical districts of Rome

A food tour through Rome is the perfect way to discover the city from a different point of view.

The main theme of the tour is food, but this does not mean that we will focus only on that. Our Do Eat Better Experience tours, in fact, are designed to make you know a place from the point of view of the locals. Our guides are all local people, lovers of their city and experts of local food culture.

In between one tasting and the next, while moving on foot through the best eateries of Rome, our local expert will tell you anecdotes, curiosities and a bit of history of the city. In this way you will stroll through the capital’s streets, diving deeply into the characteristic districts where you will discover new and original paths. You will abandon the usual tourist itineraries in order to discover a more true and authentic Rome.

Among the most beautiful and eye-catchy districts, there is one that you can’t miss: Trastevere, just to mention an example.

Although this is the beating heart of the nightlife of the capital, you will discover that during the day it has a completely different aspect. Between silent streets and cobblestones, the hassle of the city seems light years away!

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4. You will eat and drink exactly like a local

One of the biggest advantages of our food tours is the fact that our guides are knowledgeable local experts.

All restaurants and eateries where you stop over have been chosen with expertise and dedication, in order to make you live an authentic experience, eating in the places and the in the ways that locals would do.

That’s how, even if you only have one day in Rome at your disposal, you will get in touch with the most typical local culture of the city.

5. Make friends with other foodies

Last but not least, let us tell you that participating in a food tour in Rome means having the opportunity to make new friends.

Our groups are never bigger than 10 people and this will allow you to chat with other foodies like you and get to know people who, like you, love good food and want to experience the place in an all-round way by immersing themselves in the culture of the city they are visiting.

Sitting together and eating, as you know, is a very relaxed way of meeting new people and having the same interests it is very likely that you will end up being friends!

How to join in a food tour in Rome

Joining in a Food Tour in Rome offered by Do Eat Better Experience is more than easy: just choose the type of experience you prefer and book your tour.

Here’s all the tours we are currently offering in Rome:

  • Rome Goumet Food Tour: this tour enables you to discover the gastronomic tradition of Rome, but also to try new and unusual preparations that involve the use of caviar and oysters. A different and funny experience.
  • Rome Street Food Tour: a walk through the iconic spots of the Eternal City during which we will see, among others, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori. At each stage there will be a tasting of the best examples of Roman street food: from supplì to Roman pizza.
  • Rome Trastevere Food Tour: Trastevere is one of the most characteristic districts of the city and thanks to this tour you can experience it thoroughly. Moving between restaurants and shops you will discover romantic corners and views that you will never forget. What are the most delicious tastings? Definitely the pasta alla Carbonara prepared according to the traditional recipe!

In order to book a tour just send an email to reservations@doeatbetter.com or contact us on WhatsApp on the number +39 329 17.90.647.

So, are you convinced now? Will you join one of our food tours through Rome?

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