Marseille is the second biggest city of France, coming right after the very capital Paris.

It is the capital of the region Provence and it is famous for being a city with a strong character and autonomy, a busy and crowded center where you can feel and breathe in joy and vitality. Some even call it the “Naples of France” due to their similarities: a big harbour, narrow streets, screaming fishmongers, a few pickpockets, a multicultural and a creole soul. Since 2013, the year in which the city was named Capital of Culture, it has been the protagonist of a great cultural revival and more and more tourists are choosing to visit it.

Today, among the many things to do in Marseille, there is also the discovery of its gastronomic world.

In this article we will give you 5 good reasons to participate in a food tour in Marseille!


1. You will discover a cuisine rich in different gastronomic influences

Marseille has been a melting pot of cultures and traditions for many centuries. Its multiculturalism is reflected in every dish of the city: the influences of the folks and traditions that arrived one after the other, passing through its port, created a very characteristic identity and a varied cuisine that stands out in the French culinary tradition .

During a food tour in Marseille organised by Do Eat Better Experience, you will have the opportunity to taste the best gastronomic preparations of the city, thanks to its proximity to the sea. But be aware that Marseille’s cuisine is not just fish!

french spices marseille food tour


2. You will try the best local dishes in one single day

During our food tour in Marseille you will be able to try most of the famous traditional dishes of the city.

The tapenade, for example. No lunch can start without these typical crunchy bred croutons, topped with an olive creme, capers and anchovies. Like this, sipping a tasty Rosé de la Provence wine you will get into the right mood!

What comes next? Of course a good local fish: in this case you will have sardines and tuna, for example. After that you will try the delicious paninesses fris, chickpea flour disks fried and served with the legendary aioli sauce.

We also certainly won’t miss the Pastis, the famous anise liqueur typical of the area. Another must have is a sweet gourmet moment to finish the tour: we will try some oriental sweets. In Marseille, in fact, among the typical sweets there are delicacies of Arab origin such as loukoum.

We told you that you would discover a cuisine full of cultural influences, didn’t we?!

french olive marseille food tour


3. You will know the historic districts “Panier” and “Noailles”

During our food tour in Marseille, you will also have the opportunity to discover some of the most characteristic historic districts of the city.

You will walk through the old town of Marseille, stepping into the district called Le Panier: you will see hanging laundry, women returning from the market, artisan shops and trendy clubs. What once was one of the most infamous districts in the city, is now the beating heart of Marseille’s city life.

Apart from the center you will also visit Noailles, a multi-ethnic neighbourhood, where the beautiful market is located near Rue du Marché des Capucins. Finally, you will also be able to discover the Old Port of Marseille, one of the melting pots of the city and the home of the fish market located in Quai des Belges.

Le Panier Marseille


4. Get in touch with the habits and traditions of the locals of Marseille

Our food and wine tour through Marseille will accompany you on a discovery of the city’s cuisine, visiting the most characteristic spots and getting closely in touch with the local habits and traditions of Marseille’s population.

Thanks to our local guides you will be able to eat in the most typical restaurants, to taste the same delicacies that are prepared and eaten every day in the houses of Marseille and you can get to know locals.

A food tour is always a 360 ° experience, an emotion and a memory that you will carry with you forever!

french cheeses marseille


5. Make friends

Last but not least, a very positive aspect of joining a food tour is knowing new people and making friends.

It is known that food helps social life: sitting at the table with other people will be an excellent way to make new friends. The other guests will have in common with you the love for food and the desire to experience the city’s culinary traditions. It will not be difficult to make friends!

Therefore, our food tours don’t exceed groups of 10 people and this will certainly help you to have time and a way to chat, exchange opinions and build relationships. Thanks to a friendly and relaxed atmosphere you can get to know each other and who knows, maybe you will find yourselves together in another food in a new city!


So, are you ready now for a food tour? Are the 5 reasons to participate in a food tour in Marseille that we gave you enough or do you need more? We are waiting to accompany you to discover the French city through its best typical dishes.

The Food tour in Marseille of Do Eat Better Experience enables you to discover the most beautiful historic districts of the city, to get to know some curiosities and, of course, to taste the Marseille delicacies.

In order to book just send an email to reservations@doeatbetter.com or contact us on WhatsApp on the number +39 329 17.90.647.

We are waiting for you!

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Graduated in Literature and Communication and Media Culture, she loves both writing and storytelling. She made her first trip when she was only two and a half months old and hasn't had a break since. Each of her trips is accompanied, of course, by more tastings of the local cuisine! Today she writes about this and more on her blog "Viaggi che Mangi" and in the meantime she also writes for other portals.

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