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5 good reasons to join in a food tour in Malaga

Malaga can surely be called the Capital of the Costa del Sol, one of the most popular coast stretches in the world and one the most visited places in Spain.

Tourists love this city of Andalusia because of the mild climate, itd beautiful sandy beaches and the vibrating nightlife.

Apart from that, there is also a very competitive cultural offer: Malaga hosts more than 30 museums, among which the Picasso Museum is maybe the most interesting one.

All these highlights make Malaga the perfect destination for those who want to spend a holiday between relax and cultural visits.

What makes the city even more special is its rich and ancient gastronomic tradition. That’s why in this article we decided to give you 5 reasons to participate in a food tour in Malaga!


1. Discover the city of Malaga from a different point of view

Participating in a Malaga Food Tour organized by Do Eat Bettere Experience you will be able to discover the city following an itinerary that crosses the most beautiful neighbourhoods. You will stroll along the port, walk through the old town, visit the Jewish district and see the impressive Arabic fortress.

During this walking tour you will stop over at least in 4 different restaurants, where you will be able to try local delicacies and discover the true and authentic taste of Andalusian cuisine.

If you decide to sign up for a Malaga Street Food and Market Tour you will have the opportunity to totally immerse yourself in the local culture. A local guide will accompany you to the famous market and also to a number of restaurants. During the walk, he will tell you stories and curious anecdotes about the past of Malaga and the life of its citizens. That’s why this tour through Malaga allows you to discover the city from a completely different and new point of view.

malaga food tour

2. Meet new people

It is well known that food leads to social interaction!

During a food tour in Malaga you will share dishes and sit together with other foodies like you from the whole world. What you have in common is the interest and passion for food and the will to get to know the culture of Spain in a deep culinary journey. Thus, it will come naturally that you will make friends during this experience.

Our food tours are limited to groups of 10 people and this will encourage the opportunity to chat, exchange opinions and forge new relationships. Thanks to the cheerful and relaxed atmosphere you can get to know each other in an easy way and then, who knows, maybe you will find yourselves together during another food tour in a new city!

3. You will try the best tapas in town

Needless to say, the main reason to sign up for a food tour through Malaga is the possibility to try the best tapas prepared in this city!

Who else than a local guide can take you to the best restaurants where to dive into local flavours?

During these delicious stops you will have the chance to try the famous boquerones fritos (fried anchovies) one of the cities most famous delicacies, la tortilla de patatas, las patatas bravas and other typically traditional dishes of the sunny corner of the South of Spain!

malaga street food tour

4. Cheers to a new experience with local wine or beer

During each stop, the tapas will be accompanied by a drink: wine, beer or the famous Spanish sangria, what will you choose?

Malaga is a vibrant city, a destination that makes you want to spend the whole summer there: and what gives you more summer feeling than a glass of sangria with its delicious pieces of fresh fruit? Peaches, apples, oranges and lemons are the fruits that are normally used in the original recipe of this famous drink.

In the surroundings of Malaga you can find also a widely spread tradition of products the sweet wine called Malaga, whose taste carries the flavour of caramel, raisins and dried fruit.

5. Find the best souvenirs for your beloved ones at home

The last big reason to participate in a food tour in Malaga is the opportunity to discover the best typical local products. If you are a real gourmet or food and wine lover, you will be looking forward to buying some tasty souvenirs to take home with you from your trip, won’t you?

Furthermore, the Malaga Street Food and Market Tour, will take you to the best stalls of the local market, one of the best places for buying tasty souvenirs.

So, what will you take home with you? A bottle of sweet Malaga, a can of chupadedos (green olives), some cold cuts or local cheese (which here needs to be goat cheese since Malaga is famous for its production)?

Are you ready now? Did the 5 reasons to participate in a food tour in Malaga that we gave you stimulate your curiosity? We are looking forward to accompanying you to discover the Andalusian city through its best typical dishes.

Do Eat Better Experience offers two different tasty itineraries, where you can discover this beautiful Andalusian city:

  1. The Malaga Food Tour is a classic itinerary to discover the city and its most beautiful neighbourhoods with at least 4 mouth-watering stops during which you will be able to taste tapas and typical dishes;
  2. The Malaga Street Food and Market Tour, on the other hand, is a lively route away from the usual tourist itineraries, during which you will be able to immerse yourself in the cheerful atmosphere of the city market.

Choose the tour you prefer and book your experience.

In order to book your tour send an email to reservations@doeatbetter.com o contact on WhatsApp at the number +39 329 17.90.647.

We are waiting for you!

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