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food tour in Italy Do Eat Better Experience

Food tour in Italy: a new way to live the city

Italy is a wonderful place full of monuments, palaces, and villages rich in history and tradition, visited every year by millions of people.

It is also famous for its food, and every region has its own traditional dish. Every city, in Italy, has its specific recipe which is transmitted from generation to generation by their inhabitants.

Thanks to the variety of our dishes and the stories, and the traditions hidden behind them, we’ve created a funny way to discover them all: Do Eat Better Experience food tours!

What and where are the food tours by Do Eat Better Experience

At the beginning of 2017 we have created our first food tour in the city of Genoa. With three different food tours you can discover the city of Genoa and its food tradition through the eyes and the taste of who lives it every day.

The food tour is divided into 5 different steps, in which the clients/tourists are guided by a local foodie (and he/she is “local” in the sense that he/she lives the city daily) by tasting the most famous dishes and by discovering the city through the stories of his/her new local friend.

For example, during the Genoa food tour you can try typical food like focaccia, farinata, cheese focaccia, pasta with pesto, etc.

food tour in italy farinata

The food tours of Genoa soon became successful and obtained great review and that’s why we decided to start in other Italian cities, by following the same format of Genoa.

In the same year we opened in La Spezia-Cinque Terre, Savona, Milan and Florence. Every city with the same idea, namely 4/5 steps and an itinerant lunch or dinner for discovering the local food tradition.

In 2018 we added new cities and today we offer food tours in almost all Italy: we added the city of Naples with three different food tours, the city of Palermo with a tour in which there are the famous arancina, the most important markets of the city and so on, the city of Verona, Pisa, Turin, Bologna, Rome with two tours in the neighbourhood of Trastevere and a street food tour in the old town.

In 2019 we added tours in the city of Bergamo, Venice and Parma, and we also moved to Spain in the city of Marbella with a tour dedicated to the best tapas of the place and to France in the cities of Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux.

food tour in italy

Why choosing a food tour in Italy with Do Eat Better Experience

In Italy the food tours of Do Eat Better are the best choice for who wants to live the city in an unusual way, together with a “local friend” who will introduce the city through a perfect point of view: food!

Here are some reasons why choosing a food tour in Italy with Do Eat Better Experience (but also in France and Spain).

  • It’s an unusual and funny activity: it’s not only a cultural tour, which usually is boring. These tours are funny, the atmosphere is very relaxing and you will deal with the most appreciated topic: food!
  • It allows meeting new people: with the tours of Do Eat Better Experience you can meet new people from different cultures and making new friends, usually our groups are small for allowing the relationship between clients and with the local expert.
  • We always eat a lot and well: these are food tours, so food has an important role. During our tours you will eat a lot and you will try the best traditional food from the area.
  • They are usually experienced during lunch time or dinner time: usually these tours are carried out during lunch or dinner so clients can manage also other activities during the day, like going to museums, palaces, etc.

food tour in italy venice

We have told you how and when these food tours were born and why we have decided to offer this experience.

Did we convince you? Book here! And enjoy your meal!