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Food to try in Paris

Paris, the city of love, is famous all around the world for its beauty, its unique atmosphere and good food, impossible not to fall in love with it. And I am no exception! I am Neapolitan, but Paris has a special place in my heart.

Visiting Paris means first of all getting lost among the museums and attractions that this city offers, but it is also through its food that you can really grasp the soul of this city! Are you wondering about the best food to try in Paris? Here’s a list of some of the most famous and tastiest dishes that I would suggest for you.


France is famous for its cheeses and there are almost 350 different types! The first cheeses were realized during the Middle Age in the monasteries, so the origins of this product are poor. Among all those cheeses we suggest the famous Camembert, Brie and the Roquefort.

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Confit de Canard

The confit, word from the French which means confer in the sense of preserve, is a method of preservation. It’s about removing the air from a food and then putting some fat around it and the type of meat usually used is the lamb, the rabbit or the duck. The most famous French version of this type of cooking is with the use of duck, together with potatoes.


The Quiche is a salted pie which is very famous in Paris and all-around France: it is realized with the use of the shortcrust pastry and other ingredients, according to the type of quiche. The most famous is the Quiche Lorraine from the Lorraine region, in the north-east of the France and historically competed with Germany. It appeared for the first time in 1500, at Charles III Duke of Lorraine who loved it so he ate Quiche almost every day. Originally it was a bread dough with eggs, butter and whipped cream. You can find and taste this dish almost everywhere in Paris.



Another typical and famous food to try in Paris is the macaron. It is an iconic French dessert and there are many different types: from the chocolate ones or the raspberry ones to those made of green tea. Maybe not everyone know that the invention of macarons is not completely French: maybe these desserts where brought in France by the Florentine Catherine dè Medici and these were appreciated by French people, even if we have to wait 1930 when the baker Pierre Desfontaines from the famous bakery Ladurée divided them and added the famous and tasty ganache.



You must have heard about these delicacies. The crêpes is definitely a food to try in Paris, it is the symbol of the French cuisine and its deliciousness is famous all around the world. They were born in the V century for feeding French pilgrims arrived in Rome for taking part to the Candlemas day. The pope Gelasio ordered to his chefs to prepare something for feeding the devotees, composed simply by flour and eggs. Crêpes were so successful that the recipe had been imported and widespread in France. The most famous are those sweets but thanks to three gentlemen from the second part of 1800, today we can eat the savoury version too, with cheeses, ham, vegetables and much more!


Still not sure about what food to try in Paris? With our food tour you can taste some of the best dishes of Paris while walking in the beautiful area of Montmartre accompanied by a local expert who will tell you all about anecdotes and curiosities of French gastronomic culture.