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ebook italian recipes

The best traditional Italian recipes… selected by Italians!

How many times have you had no idea about what to prepare for dinner? How many times have you folded back on frozen food, dreaming of being able to sit at the table of your favorite restaurant? From today all this can be avoided by purchasing our ebook dedicated to the best traditional Italian recipes!

40 traditional Italian recipes from appetizer to dessert

What will you find inside the ebook? Simple, 40 traditional Italian recipes that will make your lunches and dinners a real trip to the Bel Paese!

From appetizer to dessert, you will find many ideas to prepare a complete meal that will amaze friends and relatives.

The recipes that you will find in our cookbook cross the whole of Italy and you can have fun organizing theme nights or range from North to South of the peninsula for a real gastronomic journey.

How about a Ligurian dinner with fried panissa, pasta with pesto alla genovese and rabbit alla ligure?

Or a Sunday lunch that starts with mozzarella in carrozza (typical of Veneto), continues with a Gricia pasta typical of Lazio, with a Neapolitan potato gateau and ends with an excellent Sicilian cannolo? You will have made the tour of Italy in a flash!

ebook italian receipes

An ebook of traditional recipes shared by Italians

All 40 traditional recipes that have been included in the ebook have been chosen thanks to friends, collaborators and Italian followers who wanted to give us one of their favorite recipes. Family recipes, handed down from generation to generation that today we can share with you to transform your kitchens into real corners of Italy.

Baking the focaccia you will smell the scent of bakeries hidden in the Genoese caruggi, preparing gnocchi alla romana you will try one of the best dishes of Roman cuisine, frying the cotoletta alla bolognese you will be catapulted into the best trattorias of Italy and preparing the zeppole di San Giuseppe you will want to return to visit Naples.

The digital format to read it everywhere

Another point in favor of our ebook of traditional Italian recipes is its digital format: the ebook is convenient because once downloaded on your smartphone or tablet it can be taken with you everywhere.

You can keep it close to you on the kitchen tabletop while you try your hand at a recipe and it won’t take up too much space, but you can also take it with you to your friends and relatives’ house to cook a new traditional dish for them, leaving everyone amazed!

ebook italian recipes

Detailed descriptions for experienced and novice cooks

In addition, the recipes are written in a clear and simple way, with detailed explanations that follow step by step the necessary passages. In this way you can have fun in the kitchen whether you are already an experienced and passionate cook or a novice!

Even apparently complicated recipes will be child’s play if you follow the instructions carefully.

Who would have ever said that you would be able to prepare an arancino like one of the best Sicilian grandmothers, or to make orecchiette like a lady from Bari Vecchia or, again, who would have ever believed that the tomato soup would come just like that of a Tuscan mother! And what about the tiramisu? Good so you had eaten it only in Veneto, true?!
ebook italian recipes

An ebook of traditional Italian recipes available in 5 languages

If you are still not convinced that our ebook of traditional Italian recipes is suitable for you, know that we have translated it into 5 languages and in addition to Italian you can download it in English, French, Spanish and German.

The translations are all faithful to the original and you won’t have to worry about missing a few steps and not being able to make your dish in the best way.

So, are you ready to run into the kitchen and get ready to cook?

Download our ebook of traditional Italian recipes and start your journey through the flavors of the Bel Paese!