Chocolate in Turin: a gourmet guide to discover the Piedmontese capital city

Chocolate in Turin is a real institution, a tradition which has existed for centuries.

So, during a stay in the Piedmontese capital, among the many things to do in Turin, there is also the possibility to reserve some time to taste the excellent chocolate in the best stores and cafeterias of the city.


Turin and chocolate: history of a tasty passion!

Turin is also known as “the city of chocolate“.

It seems that the love of the city for this food dates back to 1560 when Emanuele Filiberto decided to move the ducal capital from Chambéry to Turin. On that occasion, he symbolically offered the city a cup of steaming hot chocolate.

Since then, the passion has never been extinguished, indeed it grew with the passing of time.

In the eighteenth century was consolidated the custom of the Merenda Reale (Royal snack), an appointment that was used to calm the appetite of nobles between lunch and dinner. The absolute protagonist of the Merenda was hot chocolate.

Right in those years, in the meantime, was invented another of the historical beverages of the city, the Bicerin.

In the nineteenth century, instead, were invented the first chocolates which, with time, became richer and richer, becoming pralines, truffles and cremini… until the classic Gianduiotto, born in 1865. This was the first chocolate to be wrapped!


What to taste if you love chocolate in Turin

Your mouth is already watering, isn’t it?

Well, here is a short list of chocolate delicacies that you absolutely must taste in the city. Among the experiences not to be missed in Turin, you cannot miss the tasting of these delicacies!

  • Chocolates: these were invented in Turin at the beginning of the nineteenth century when a preparation based on cocoa, vanilla, water and sugar was discovered, which allowed to serve chocolate in a solid way. Among the most famous chocolates of Turin there are cremini (three layers of gianduja, chocolate and hazelnut) and boero (filled with liquor).
  • Gianduiotto: the chocolate symbol of the city of Turin was born in 1865. It was Michele Prochet who invented it by adding to chocolate the famous hazelnut from Langhe, the so called “Tonda Gentile”.
  • Bicerin: the most loved beverage of the capital of Piedmont was born in the eighteenth century. It is a hot beverage made of coffee, cocoa and milk cream.
  • Hot chocolate: the classic steaming hot chocolate which we suggest to be served with fresh cream.




Where to taste chocolate in Turin

Turin and its surroundings are today the most important center for chocolate making in Italy: 40% of the national chocolate is produced here!

You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to taste these delicacies, would you?

Here are some tips on where to taste the best chocolate in Turin.


A tour to discover the sweetest side of the city

The best way to taste Turin’s chocolate is to take part in the Turin’s Pastries Tour. In this way, you will be able to taste the classic Bicerin, taste gianduiotto and cremini, but also visit some of the most famous pastry shops of Piedmont and enter some of the most beautiful historical cafes of the capital.

An expert and passionate local expert will accompany you through the center of the city, telling you the history, anecdotes and curiosities about chocolate in Turin and the places you will visit, inviting you to taste the best traditional sweets.

This is an unmissable tour for those with a sweet tooth!

chocolate in turin



Guido Gobino

Among the pastry shops, chocolatiers and cafes where we recommend you stop for a tasty break, on the other hand, we start immediately with Guido Gobino, known in the city as “the King of Chocolate“.

Don’t miss the salt and oil cremino and the classic hot chocolate.


Guido Castagna

Founded in 2002, Guido Castagna’s chocolate shop is younger than the others on the Turin scene, but the quality has rewarded him, making it one of the most popular and appreciated in the city.

The Gianduiotto is one of the best ever: try it!


Peyrano Chocolate Shop

This is one of the most famous historical chocolate shops in Turin: its history dates back to 1915.

Cremini, gianduiotti, diablottini and lingue di gatto… you’ll be spoiled for choice!



Open since 1836, Stratta’s store became the official supplier of the House of Savoy.

Among the specialties are the Corone Sabaude, made with hazelnut grains and gianduia cream covered in chocolate, and marron glacés.



This Pastry and Chocolate Shop has been open since 1915 and was founded by master Gustavo Pfatisch, of Bavarian origin.

The chocolate is excellent, but don’t forget to try a pastry: they are among the best in town.


Now that you know everything about chocolate in Turin, you just have to choose where to start tasting!



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