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Bordeaux cuisine

The South-West is a rich area in terms of gastronomy. Between the land and the sea, it can be enjoyed over a good glass of wine; red wine par excellence but rosé or white.

On the land side, you will be tempted by a good Gironde entrecote steak accompanied by ceps, duck or Pauillac lamb. The rivers will bring shad, lamprey, pibale, as well as sturgeon and its caviar.

While the nearby ocean will bring its share of wonders with oysters and other seafood. And on a sweet note, we will have a wide choice of canelés, white dunes, St Emilion macaroons and a few others.

Here are some typical dishes of the Bordeaux cuisine.

Some starters from the Bordeaux cuisine

Oysters, accompanied by a sausage or crepinette and dry white wine.

The lamprey à la bordelaise, its blood is then mixed with red wine to form the black sauce. This typical seasoning sublimates a garnish of leeks, onions and herbs.

Some dishes from Bordeaux cuisine

The entrecote, cooked on a bed of embers of vine shoots. In Bordeaux, the meat (Bazas beef) is adorned with a sauce of shallots cooked in red wine and a marrow bone.


The porcini mushrooms, lightly fried and sublimated with parsley, a treat.

Shad grilled with vine shoots and accompanied by a green sauce made with parsley, chives and chervil. Many restaurateurs recommend tasting it with a red wine from the region.

The Bordeaux chicken is simply sliced and cooked slowly in a mince of garlic, shallots and parsley.

The vineyard guinea hen is stuffed with diced Bayonne ham, shallots, grapes and sandwich bread. It will be baked in the oven, with an accompaniment of fresh grapes that will be added at the end of cooking.

The tricandilles, pork tripe cooked in court-bouillon then grilled over a wood fire. Very crispy, they are accompanied by a chopped garlic and parsley.

Some desserts from Bordeaux cuisine

Grapes, marinated in sauternes and coated with chocolate

Macaroons of St Emilion, are made on the spot and in an artisanal way. This small almond cake can accompany champagne or wine tastings.


Wonders, small simple doughnuts served with sugar or honey.

The galette des rois bordelaise, round, brioche, decorated with sugar grains and candied citron pieces. Flavoured with orange blossom or rum.

The white dunes of Chez Pascal, delicious chouquettes garnished with an excellent cream.

Beverages that can accompany the Bordeaux cuisine (and which are not wine)

The cacolac comes from Léognan like the famous Pessac Léognan wines. It is simply a kind of milk chocolate nearby. It can be drunk cold or hot.

White, pink or red lillet, it should be drunk very fresh, with a slice of orange or lemon. This aperitif is made in Podensac. It is mostly wine with a little liqueur. It exists since the end of the 1880s.

La fine de Bordeaux, a brandy that appeared towards the end of the 19th century. This brandy is made from the distillation of white wine, it is then aged in oak barrels for several years.

Enjoy our food tour in Bordeaux and try these traditional dishes!