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Bordeaux cheeses: everything you need to know

The French city of red wine par excellence is a perfect destination to spend a weekend. There are many things to do in Bordeaux, but the historic center is collected and can be easily walked around in a short time. So you can walk along Rue Sainte Catherine, visit the Cité du Vin, enter inside the imposing St. Andrew’s Cathedral and enjoy the beauty of this city without anxiety or hurry. The important thing is that you find the time to taste the delicacies of the local gastronomy. If you are looking for information about cheeses in Bordeaux, you have landed on the right article because we will advise you which are the best ones to taste during your stay.


Which Cheeses to Eat in Bordeaux

A visit to Bordeaux is not complete without a wine tasting which, of course, needs to be accompanied by some appetizers: and what could be better than a good selection of dairy products?

Cheeses in Bordeaux, as a matter of fact, are not many and in the area are not produced many. The cheeses you will find in typical cheese shops mostly come from the neighboring areas or are the classic French cheeses famous all over the country.

Here are the ones we absolutely suggest you to taste.

Cheeses from Pyrenees

Some of the best cheeses in Bordeaux come from the Pyrenees, the mountain range located at the border with Spain. Below we suggest three of our favorites.

Tomme des Pyrénées

Tomme des Pyrénées is a semi-pressed, uncooked cheese made from raw, whole cow’s milk in the mountain pastures of the Pyrenees.

Its history dates back to the 12th century, but its fame grew especially in the 19th century with the birth of the fruitières, the cooperatives of cheese producers.

It is found in two versions: Tomme with a black rind and Tomme with a golden rind. The first one has a more acidulous taste, whereas the second one has a more robust taste with bitter notes.


Another of the cheeses from the Pyrenees that you should try in Bordeaux is Barousse, a pressed and uncooked toma cheese that is made from cow and sheep milk. This cheese is aged for one month, maximum one and a half months.

The taste is persistent and balanced, although it has some spicy notes.


Finally there is Ossau-Iraty, a cylindrical cheese with semi-hard uncooked paste produced with sheep milk.

The paste is homogeneous and melting and its balanced taste has some light nutty notes.

French Cheeses

Besides the particular cheeses of the Pyrenees, in Bordeaux you can also taste the classic French dairy products famous all over the world.

Below we suggest you the unmissable ones.


Brie is probably the most famous French cheese in Italy.

This soft cheese with a flowered crust takes its name from the region where it is produced. Its history is very ancient and dates back to the eleventh century.

Its intense aroma and sweet taste make it an unmistakable cheese.


Camembert is another French cheese having a soft paste and a flowered rind which is produced in Normandy. It is a cheese made from raw cow’s milk that is compulsorily sold in boxes made of poplar wood. It has a pungent smell, but its creaminess makes it one of the most loved cheeses of France.


Finally, do not forget Roquefort, the most famous blue cheese of France and one of the most ancient cheeses of the country.

Its name is mentioned in documents since the 8th century and its preparation method has remained unchanged during the centuries.

Its taste is strong, persistent and salty.

How and where to taste cheese in Bordeax

Cheeses in Bordeaux are absolutely to be tasted together with a good glass of wine. They are usually served as a third course during a lunch or dinner and are always presented in an assortment of three at a time: a mild cheese, a hard cheese and a blue cheese.

You can taste the cheeses in a restaurant, buy them in one of the many cheese shops of the city or among the stalls of the lively markets of Bordeaux.

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