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Eiffel tower in the rays of the setting sun on the bank of Seine river with cruise tourist ships

Best Parisian Hotels to Stay in While Traveling in 2021

Parisian hotels are known for class

The city of Paris is known the world over for its unique style and class. The famous Eiffel Tower symbolizes the French capital, a landmark none can miss. Parisians boast of the multitude of foreign visitors who sojourn the capital every year. Many entrepreneurs have invested in the hotelier businesses in the French capital. But do you know some of the luxury Parisian hotels that you could check in while touring Paris? Here is a number.

1. Hotel la Tamise

Located just opposite the magnificent and well-known Tuileries Garden, Hotel la Tamise is probably the best Parisian hotel you’ll find. Although it was built sometime in the 19th century, it has amassed fame over time, having hosted some of the well-known dignitaries from across the globe. One can access the best parts of Parisian adventure from the guesthouse and enjoy a modest stay in a luxurious environment.

2. The Parisian Hotel Ekta

Hotel Ekta is unique in its decorations

The most cost-friendly and budget-appropriate guest house in the whole of the Parisian landscape, Ekta is one of a kind. It’s perfectly located a stone throw from the famous Champs Elysees. Although not suited with a Parisian restaurant, one can access room service any time from dusk to midnight. It’s well equipped with entertainment and telecommunication gadgets, as well as a soundproof coating to give one a good night’s sleep.

3. Maison Souquet: One of the Most Romantic Parisian Hotels

One of the several 5 star Parisian hotels, Maison Souquet, appears to have been meant for this purpose. The classic Parisian guesthouse environment offers unquestionable intimacy and a luxurious outlook that guarantees access to the quality things of this earth. The accessories that come with each room make it one of the most romantic Parisian hotels established.

4. Nell Hotel and Suites

The Residence Nell is one of the few Parisian roadhouses that can host families conveniently. It is located next to the well-known opera house, Palais Garnier. It has about 17 apartments ready for bookings, alongside several other studios. Families visiting this magnificent guesthouse have the benefit of accessing other parts of the city comfortably.

5. Hotel d’Aubusson

Hotel d’Aubusson is classic for romantic outings

One of the best Parisian hotels, Hotel d’Aubusson, is giving Maison Souquet a run for its money. The hotel is classic for romantic dates and outings. Built in the 17th century, it is one of the well-established historical Parisian hotels. The service is centered on romantic historical experiences and fantasy. Whoever came with the idea was up to the task.

6. Shangri-La Hotel Paris

This exquisite Parisian inn is meant for those who advocate the best views while in the city. It is strategically located to enable one to enjoy the magnificence of the city from their room. The Parisian Eiffel Tower rising gracefully from just beyond the Seines River is a breathtaking view. In addition, Parisian boulevards and parks are evident, as is the sweet Parisian skyline on the horizon.

7. Hotel Plaza Athenee

This is another 5-star Parisian hotel, well known for its dining standards and exemplary cuisine. The architecture is resounding with luxury and magnificence, as is the service that is accorded within. The French mean business when they say it’s meal-time. Albeit having only 5 restaurants in the hotel, the golden crystals decorations give the hotel a touch that is not felt anywhere else on earth.

8. Le Bristol Paris

Here’s another luxury Parisian hotel that offers class, environment, and service all in one package. The rooms’ finishing is remarkable, with high-quality hardwood and silken fabric shaping up the exquisite interior.


Selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower
Being in one of the culturally significant countries in Europe, Paris has its remarkable share of tourists. The cuisine that originates from the traditional French diet is widely sold across the city, but it is the hotelier business that is capturing attention. The regard for accommodation across the city is classic: one can even play in online casinos like el torero.
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