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aquarium of genoa

Aquarium of Genoa: everything you need to know

Among the many attractions of the Ligurian capital, the Aquarium of Genoa is certainly the most famous. Below you will find a series of useful information to help you organize your visit.

How to reach the Aquarium of Genoa

The Genoa Aquarium is easy to reach. Here are all the necessary directions.

By car

Exit the freeway at Genova Ovest and follow the signs. First you will take Via Milano and then Via Gramsci. Before an underpass, turn right to reach the parking lot. The signs along the road, however, are numerous and very precise.

By bus

If you arrive from Ponente (west) the bus to take is n°1. From Levante, instead, the n° 13.

Alternatively you can use the subway and get off at San Giorgio or Darsena.

By train

Get off at the Genoa Piazza Principe Station and you can reach the Aquarium on foot in about 10 / 15 minutes, by bus n° 32 to the terminus in Piazza Caricamento or by subway to the San Giorgio stop.

If you arrive from Genova Brignole Station, you can take bus n° 13 to the end of the line in Piazza Caricamento or the subway to the San Giorgio stop.



What to see at the Genoa Aquarium

A visit to the Genoa Aquarium is always fun and interesting for both children and adults.

The Aquarium is home to around 70 different ecosystems and 12,000 different species.

The Aquarium of Genoa is the largest in Italy and one of the largest in Europe and to visit it calculate at least half a day.

Among the areas that adults and children enjoy the most are:

  • Shark Bay;
  • The Cetacean Pavilion;
  • The Island of the Seals;
  • The Penguin Tank;
  • The Seahorse Tank;
  • Jellyfish Hall;
  • The Biodiversity Pavilion with the tactile pool for petting stingrays;
  • The Tropical Reef.

In addition to the classic visit you can take part in events and appointments really special that make it even more magical experience at the Aquarium of Genoa.

Do not miss, for example:

  • Acquario Dietro le Quinte (Behind the Scenes): a guided tour to discover laboratories and tanks that are generally not visible to visitors.
  • Open the Aquarium with us: to discover everything that happens before the facility opens to the public;
  • Face to face… with the penguins: a visit with an expert who will accompany you inside the tank to feed the penguins;
  • Face to Face… with the Dolphins: to admire the dolphins up close and see the experts at work;
  • Night with the Sharks: dedicated to children to discover the nocturnal behavior of these animals.

Every day, moreover, are organized meetings with the staff open to everyone: they take place in front of the tanks at fixed times and after an explanation the expert will remain on site to answer all your questions and curiosity.

aquarium of genoa

Information and useful advice

As we told you at the beginning, to visit the Aquarium of Genoa calculate at least half a day. Some say that it is possible to visit it in two hours and a half, but believe us: you will surely get lost in front of some tanks and the time needed will be much more!

There are different types of tickets: from the classic one that includes only the Aquarium to the complete one to visit the nearby Galata Museum and the Submarine Nazario Sauro.

To visit the Aquarium in peace we advise you not to go on weekends or holidays.

Inside the structure there is a bar / restaurant.

Finally, we remind you that inside the Aquarium it is possible to take photographs, but always without flash in order not to disturb the animals.

What to do around the Aquarium of Genoa

After visiting the Aquarium of Genoa, you could take the opportunity to discover the Porto Antico and the historic center of the city with its characteristic caruggi.

Among the things to do in Genoa, for example, we recommend a walk in Via Garibaldi to admire the Palazzi dei Rolli, a Food Tour of Genoa to discover the delicacies of the local gastronomic tradition or simply a ride on the Bigo, a panoramic elevator a few steps from the Aquarium that will allow you to observe the Old Port from above.


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We hope that our suggestions will help you organize your visit to the Aquarium of Genoa.

If you are planning a stay in Genoa, we suggest you read our guide to visit Genoa in one day.