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The 5 best Aix en Provence tours

Aix en Provence is an unmissable stop during a trip to Provence: this elegant city smells of lavender and freshly baked bread, full of cafes and cheerful fountains and knows how to charm visitors who choose to experience it calmly and unhurriedly, strolling through markets and stores. The things to do in this French city are many and after exploring the historic center is always a good idea to get away to visit the surroundings. Below we will suggest 5 of the best Aix en Provence tours to take part in to visit the city center and its surroundings in the best way!

1.  Aix en Provence Gastronomic Tour

Let’s start with the most fun tour of Aix en Provence ever: this is a guided tour in which food is the protagonist.

Our Food Tour of Aix en Provence is led by a local expert guide who will tell you the history, anecdotes and facts about the main places of interest in the city while leading you to discover the best restaurants in the area.

From Cours Mirabeau to the Old Town, each stop will be based on typical specialties: wine, cheese, homemade dishes and chocolate. There really is something for everyone!

This tour is truly a unique opportunity to experience something different from the usual tourist visits. You will discover an authentic aspect of the city and, of course, you will also get to know the other participants and make new friends!

2.    Tour of Paule Cézanne in Aix En Provence

Another interesting tour that you could organize (even on your own) is the one on the places of the great painter Paule Cézanne.

Aix en Provence is the artist’s hometown and the place from which he drew inspiration for his work throughout his life. The Provencal countryside and the Montagne Sainte – Victoire, for example, often return in his paintings.

The most important place for a tour in the footsteps of Cézanne is certainly his studio. The Atelier is located on the hill of Lauves, in a place of peace and quiet.

Also not to be missed is the Musée Granet, in the Mazarin district, where numerous works by the French artist are kept.

Leaving the city you can visit the Bibémus quarries and the Montagne de Sainte-Victoire.

3.    Bike tour or hike to the Mountain of Sainte-Victoire

Sainte-Victoire is not only one of the places most portrayed by Paule Cézanne, but it is a true symbol for all Provence.

With its more than 1000 meters of height, the mountain is a perfect place to immerse yourself in nature during a walk, a trek or a bike ride (maybe with an e-bike to avoid too much effort!).


4.   Wine Tours from Aix en Provence

Another of the best tours of Aix en Provence is the one dedicated to wine.

The surroundings of the city are part of one of the most interesting wine regions of France and wineries are scattered everywhere.

You can take part in an organized tour or simply choose a series of wineries and visit them by yourself. The journey to reach them will be unforgettable: vineyards extend as far as the eye can see and you will be completely surrounded by this lush landscape. It will be a bit like being inside a Cézanne’s painting.

5.  Lavender Tour

Finally, during the lavender flowering period (late June to early August), you can immerse yourself in a tour around Aix En Provence all colored in purple!

You can reach the plateau of Valensole or Claparèdes, visit some of the farms, learn about the history and work of lavender production and take beautiful pictures to frame when you return home.

It will be unforgettable!